Should I Auction My House in Spartanburg?

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There can be many reasons homeowners find themselves in a position of needing to sell their house. Sometimes it’s necessary because you need to relocate for work or to take care of an aging loved one.

I Inherited a Hoarding House, Now What?

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Different types of inheritances can create some various challenges. One of these is when an individual inherits a hoarding house. Many individuals say they shocked when they have inherited a hoarding house.

Questions to Ask when Selling a House for Cash in Spartanburg

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Selling a house is stressful and tedious. To avoid being taken advantage of, you need to compile a list of questions to ask when selling a house.

Can I Sell a House to Avoid Foreclosure in South Carolina?

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Have you found yourself in a financial bind and need to sell a house to avoid foreclosure? Maybe you’ve even asked yourself, Can I sell my house to avoid foreclosure?

To Do List Before Selling a House in South Carolina

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There’s so much to do when selling your home. The first step is to create a to do list before selling a house. See what to do in this article!

5 Tips to Stop Foreclosure Fast in South Carolina

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Just the term, foreclosure brings up feelings of fear and dread. No one wants to lose their house. You may have already heard the term, or you may fear hearing it soon as you’ve fallen behind on mortgage payments.

Corona Virus and the South Carolina Real Estate Market

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The Coronavirus has really caused economic hardships the world over, and South Carolina’s real estate market is no exception. Despite the sudden hit, experts are claiming the 2008 recession was even more brutal and hope is around the corner as America is slowly beginning to re-open and emerge from lock-down. While residential sales are projected to drop in average as much as 8% from last year, this is a far

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The CARES Act, Covid-19, and the Impact in Spartanburg County

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The nation is still reeling and struggling from the economic effects of COVID-19 and families are seeking relief. The Upstate Family Resource Center is one out of four Spartanburg County agencies slated to receive funds towards prevention, preparations, and response efforts. They should be seeing $188,634 in federal CARES Act funds towards rent, mortgage and utility payment assistance for those impacted by the global pandemic. The County Council recently approved

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Selling Assets Before Divorce in South Carolina

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Selling assets before divorce is something that many who find themselves in this type of stressful situation may attempt to do. It is a rough time that the couple is going through and there are a lot of mixed emotions.

Options For Selling Your Inherited Home In Spartanburg

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Have you inherited a house in Spartanburg, South Carolina and need to understand the tax consequences of selling that home? The information below will help you calculate basis, understand your gains and losses, and address reporting for a sale.  Before thinking about the tax consequences, you’ll want to start with calculating the basis of the home. The basis is how much the property is worth in the current market value.

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