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How to do a Divorce Sale in South Carolina

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Once the decision has been reached that a divorce is eminent, a lot of questions are raised. One of these is, “What happens to the house in a divorce?”

Selling an Inherited Property in Spartanburg

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If you are living in Spartanburg and have recently inherited a property, you may be struggling with understanding all your selling options and deciding on the best on for you. Selling an inherited home can require some unexpected upfront cost, especially since the house was not previously under your care to maintain and prepare for a sale.  So, what can you do? Continuing to own the home can also become costly

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Sell My House By Auction – Good or Bad Idea?

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Do I sell my house by auction or do I sell my house to cash buyers? There are more options when it comes to selling your house by auction. Find out here!

Avoiding the Probate Process in Spartanburg

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Have you inherited a house that you can’t, or do not wish, to keep? If you are looking to sell your newly inherited property, you should be aware that in South Carolina most houses must go through the probate process in order for the sale to be legal. This requirement ensures that the Executor of the estate is honoring the wishes expressed in the Will regarding the home. However, there

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Auctioning Your House – Do’s and Don’ts in Spartanburg

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If you are thinking of auctioning your house, it’s important to know what you are up against. Learn the do’s and don’ts when auctioning your house!

Minors Inheriting Houses in South Carolina

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In South Carolina, a minor that inherits a property must rely on a designated adult to manage their inheritance until they reach the age to control it themselves. This process is carried out one of two ways:  Valid Will or Trust When a minor is named the beneficiary of Trust, a Trustee Will need to manage the assets according to the wishes outlined in the Will or Trust. First, they

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Divorcing? Considering Selling Your House in Spartanburg? Here’s How To Do It Quickly

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When it comes to selling your house during divorce these options are something that you want to review carefully as chances are you want to do this quickly.

How Long Can I Stay in My House After Foreclosure in South Carolina?

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You may be wondering how long can I stay in my house after foreclosure? Let’s answer this question and see your foreclosure options when selling a house!

Understanding the South Carolina Probate System

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To ensure estate fraud does not occur, South Carolina uses the Probate Court to determine proper notification and distribution of interests have been applied. The court is involved in the verification of a Valid Will and Estate Appraisal as well as confirming taxes and creditors receive their due. The Court will appoint or assign a Personal Representative (also known as an Executor) to gather all necessary documents and perform the

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South Carolina Inheritance Laws: An Overview

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If you are planning or have just inherited an estate in South Carolina, this brief guide covers some good-to-know high-level information about South Carolina’s Inheritance Laws.  When a Valid Will Exists Ensuring your estate is distributed according to your wishes, is best achieved through a valid will and last testament that completely and legally outlines your interests. This is referred to as a dying testate. For a will to be

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