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How Can I Save My House from Foreclosure in Spartanburg

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Foreclosure is a legal process that a lending institution or mortgage company obtains ownership of your home, in other words, a repossession of the property.

What Happens to a Mortgage After Divorce?

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This type of question comes at a time when your life is probably in turmoil. This is just one of many questions that you have to find answers for.

Selling An Inherited House: What To Consider

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If you have inherited a home, you are probably weighing your options on whether to take it on as a residency, rent it out, or simply sell the property. If selling is your choice, it is good to be prepared and aware many variables of an inherited home that can impact your sale: Property Cost. You can learn more about the property costs of the home by using an online

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Guide to Sell a House Yourself in Spartanburg

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It is possible you want to sell a house yourself but are not sure what things to do to sell a house quickly. Let’s see what to do to sell a house yourself.

How Does South Carolina Probate Work?

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Have you inherited a property without a Valid Will having been created? With or without a will the estate will need to be administered via the South Carolina Probate Court so let us help you figure out where to start.  Once you have the death certificate, you will want to contact the local Probate Court and make an initial appointment. It is important to note that you should be reaching

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My House is Being Foreclosed, What Can I Do?

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Having to say my house is being foreclosed is something that homeowners never want to have to admit. Unfortunately home ownership comes with a lot of financial responsibilities.

What To Do If You Inherited A House In Spartanburg

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If you have inherited a house and don’t know what to do, you are not alone. Trying to decide between keeping the home, selling, renting the home, etc. can be a difficult decision to make and a challenging process to navigate.  So You Inherited A House The first thing you will want to check is whether the property has an open remaining balance on the home. The previous home owner

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