Avoiding the Probate Process in Spartanburg

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Have you inherited a house that you can’t, or do not wish, to keep? If you are looking to sell your newly inherited property, you should be aware that in South Carolina most houses must go through the probate process in order for the sale to be legal. This requirement ensures that the Executor of the estate is honoring the wishes expressed in the Will regarding the home. However, there are a few exceptions that can apply:

Muniment of Title

When a valid Will is made with no debt to the property, the beneficiaries can validate the Will at a county court and have the property titles transferred to their name. This avoids the standard probate procedure and can lead to a lot fewer headaches with the transferring process.

Affidavit of Heirship

When the property in an estate is a house, two neutral parties can sign the estate affidavit transferring the property titles to the heirs. This document is then filed with the County Records Department associated with the property. This is effective for individuals looking to sell the property before the probate process.

Independent Administration

This is a process that, when granted, exempts the Executor from seeking court approval to sell a house. This would be an instruction left specifically for the Executor in the Will.

Already in Probate?

If the house is already involved in the probate process it may still be able to be sold during these proceedings. Once it is determined that the state will allow properties to be sold during probate, a home appraisal from an independent certified appraisal must be conducted and a probate petition will need to be submitted to the court for approval. Court approval must be granted for a sale to be considered valid.

If you have received court approval, the next step is to run an ad in a local newspaper to inform the public your property is available for purchase. You could also sell an inherited house to a buying company, like our, and avoid repair and agent commission costs.

How We Help Homeowners

Our company specializes in purchasing homes outright from homeowners for cash. We’ve helped homeowners going through probate, that have already inherited properties, and are trying to figure out what their best home selling options are. The process is super easy too. Just contact us through the form on our site, or at (864) 814-3894. We’ll get some info on the home and your situation and then schedule a time to see the home. Once we look at the property, we’ll go ahead and make an offer on it. If you agree to the offer, we’ll get the paperwork filed and set a closing date that works best for you. No fees. No commissions. No multiple showings. No headaches.

Contact us if you’d like more info on our service, or if you would like to learn more about what your home selling options are through the probate process. We’re ready to help, and to see if we can provide a solution that meets your needs.