The CARES Act, Covid-19, and the Impact in Spartanburg County

Posted on: August 11th, 2020 by , No Comments

The nation is still reeling and struggling from the economic effects of COVID-19 and families are seeking relief. The Upstate Family Resource Center is one out of four Spartanburg County agencies slated to receive funds towards prevention, preparations, and response efforts. They should be seeing $188,634 in federal CARES Act funds towards rent, mortgage and utility payment assistance for those impacted by the global pandemic.

The County Council recently approved a local plan to address the needs of the homeless, jobless, battered women and children and those recovering from substance abuse. In total the county will receive $919,036 in federal aid for the year 2020 with over half being allocated to local nonprofits. Another subset of funds will be directed to providing forgivable loans for small businesses impacted during this unprecedented time. 

A clearer picture of the monetary breakdown is outlined below: 

Upstate Family Resource Center: $188,634 towards short-term rent/mortgage assistance for approximately 100 households. 

ReGenesis Community Health Care: $112,600 for COVID-19 testing and future vaccine administration of about 1,000 underserve, and at times uninsured, individuals. 

ARCH Ministries: $11,500 wage support to hire additional personal, including an instructor and program director, for the after-school program. 

GoForth Recovery: $15,000 for funds to increase the hours of about 50 staff members at the residential treatment facility for men struggling with substance addiction. The longer hours will allow more effective scheduling around the needs of the resident activities.

Goodwill Industries of the Upstate/Midlands: $26,720 to bring on a career navigator.

Hope Center for Children: $47,040 towards the increased sanitation requirements to ensure the safety of the children and staff housed in the various facilities throughout the year. 

Middle Tyger Community Center: $35,047 wage support for case managers tasked with assisting families and individuals navigate financial planning options due to the fallout of COVID-19. 

Middle Tyger Community Center: $25,000 in funds will be given to help provide an opportunity for counseling services to be offered on a sliding scale for about 35 clients in need of mental health services. 

ReGenesis Community Development Corporation: $35,000 was approved to 

Due to COVID-19, many people have found themselves without a job and on the verge of facing foreclosure on their homes. Funds will be used for the partial salary of two housing counselors to address the issues of not only foreclosure but financial literacy as well, all in an effort to better prepare the homeowner for potential future hardships. There will be about 50 beneficiaries.

SAFE Homes-Rape Crisis Coalition: $34,840 towards salary support for night staff and increased sanitation needs of the shelter throughout the year to maintain social distancing and safety protocols at their emergency shelter for victims of interpersonal violence. 

Spartanburg School District Six — In This Together: $28,500 partial salary support of AIM to Work program counselors working with teenagers struggling with their new normal in the face of COVID-19. 

The Haven — Emergency Shelter Program: $19,500 towards wage assistance to hire a care manager at the Shelter Services Program. The case manager will be able to provide intensive one-on-one case management services to the newly displaced families due to the pandemic. 

United Way of the Piedmont:  $50,000 towards short-term rent/mortgage subsistence payments for approximately 50 households.

Upstate Family Resource Center: Crisis Intervention: $22,500 in funds approved for food distribution efforts that will benefit about 100 households facing food shortages. 

Upstate Family Resource Center: Crisis Intervention PASOs: $14,400 wage support for a bilingual community health worker to assist families and individuals in the Spanish-speaking community find the right assistance program for them.